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The growing urinary health category and the science behind it

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According to industry analysts, urinary health supplementation is trending and is a rising health focus for consumers.

Dr. Tracey Seipel, of the Seipel Group, developed Urox, a urinary health supplement that earned the NutraIngredients Botanical of The Year award this year. The product was tested in over 10 clinical trials in men and women. The research found it significantly reduces symptoms of occasional urinary incontinence, urgency, frequency, overactive bladder, bladder oversensitivity, nocturia, and improves quality of life in 90% of users.

“I think it's time. I think we've been discussing bladder health and trying to increase bladder awareness and I think part of it is the aging population. The Baby Boomers aren't prepared to put up with poor bladder control any longer,” explained Seipel.

Bladder issues aren’t limited to the aging population. Another common problem is urinary tract infections. Seipel Group recently initiated a clinical research trial as follow up to a successful year-long pilot study conducted on women exploring the benefits of Urox for recurrent UTI’s and chronic cystitis. So far, the research suggests that Urox reduced frequency, duration, and severity of infection.

Another group that Seipel is focused on is children. Seipel’s bedwetting study was recently published in Phytomedicine. In a placebo-controlled trial with potty-trained children who still wet the bed, Urox showed statistically significant improvement for occasional bedwetting.

Seipel said the research continues. “We've got more research with UTIs coming out and a few little surprises. I can't quite share it with you yet, but I'll let you know in the future,” hinted Seipel.