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About Us

 Our Story

Seipel Group is a Brisbane-based research and development focussed nutraceutical company. Our founder, Tracey Seipel, is an educator, researcher and award-winning formulator, and a pioneer in the natural urological health category.

Half a billion people globally have weak bladder control, which means bladder leaks from little to large, yet no one wants to talk about it. Until we came along that is and created Urox®, the first proven effective herbal bladder control formula*.

Our textbook ‘local-girl-makes-good story’ began in the 90s when our now CEO, Tracey, was a formulator for supplement companies and discovered that bladder leaks and incontinence was something Australian women wished they didn't have to put up with. So Tracey pitched a natural herbal bladder control supplement to several companies. The decision-makers in product development at the time, were not interested in investing in what was perceived as a messy and embarrassing problem for elderly women.

In fact incontinence and weak bladder problems affect millions of people of all ages. This includes 40% new mothers; half of middle-aged men and women; 75% of women in nursing homes (it is the third leading reason for admittance to nursing homes); 50% of elite female athletes, and 10 to 20% of children over age 5 who have bedwetting or daytime accidents.

Incontinence and bladder accidents can create anxiety, embarrassment, loss of self‐esteem, worry and shame. It takes a toll on quality of life. Tracey decided no one should have to put up with this and, since no one else was going to do it, she decided to take on the challenge of developing a formula herself. Two decades later, after a roller-coaster ride through the international supplement world, Seipel Group had developed Urox®.

Urox® improves bladder control* and along with that comes more independence and dignity. People regain the confidence to socialize, exercise or travel without the fear of bladder accidents. Kids feel comfortable to join school trips and sleep-overs.

Urox® sells in countries all over the world now, and we're proud to be improving quality-of-life for people everywhere. We are also reducing the global landfill problem created by disposable adult incontinence products.

We innovate

Urox® is a game-changer. It delivers real results*. This is due to our dedication to research – covering efficacy, safety, mechanism of action and drug interaction – and our commitment to quality ingredients, rigorous testing and innovative formulation.

But we didn’t just create an amazing product that improves people’s quality of life*, we opened a whole new product category ‘bladder control’ and won an international business award for doing so. We’re the ones who made the space just for bladder control products on pharmacy shelves, in health food stores, and distribution supplement company lines around the world.

That space is now being populated by multiple brands jumping on the bladder control wagon, but we have decades of R&D behind Urox®. Regardless of what other products might claim, Urox® is the only herbal formula specifically targeting all lower urinary tract symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence*, with 14 clinical trials (6 published in peer-reviewed international journals) conducted over more than 20 years to support efficacy and safety. Several of our clinical trials were gold-standard; human, double-blind, randomised and placebo-controlled, which is very rare for a herbal supplement*. 

We are natural bladder control trailblazers! Urox® was first to market in nutraceuticals for urinary incontinence, and we are one of the few Australian companies to have cracked the highly competitive US nutraceuticals market, and the only company anywhere to have scientifically proven a herbal bladder control product.

The uniqueness of our formula has been validated by the granting of multiple bladder and prostate patent families. Urox® is currently patented or patent-pending in 25 countries with numerous global trademarks. 

We support sustainability

We work closely with our raw material suppliers to ensure effective quality control for our product. The herbs for our extracts are grown without the use of pesticides. Through our suppliers, we support sustainable farming and replanting of native forests. Additionally, Urox® is delivering a flow-on environmental benefit as it reduces adult padded underwear usage (now the 3rd biggest landfill issue globally). 

We educate

We are at the leading edge of international research on bladder health. We share information to help destigmatize this widespread health issue. Our CEO, Tracey Seipel, is a dynamic, internationally recognized, formulator and educator who provides expertise on natural urinary health for companies, medical/practitioner associations, and academia. Tracey is a media commentator and sought-after speaker on the international health circuit.

We publish white papers, contribute to trade journals and magazines, and share third party research, all of which highlights the bladder weakness issue, and promotes awareness of herbal options. 

We achieve

Urox® has won an astonishing line-up of awards for everything from our research, to innovation to eldercare. Judges have been highly impressed by it’s efficacy and beneficial outcomes.* Here’s the list of our awards and, by the way, the NutraIngredients Awards are the most prestigious in the nutraceutical industry (like the Logies of supplements!).

  • 2023 Tracey Seipel, Winner of the Lorraine Martin AO Queensland Entrepreneur of the Year, Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (WCEI) 
  • 2023 Finalist NutraIngredients Asia, Innovation in Women's Health
  • 2021 Winner NutraIngredients Europe Product of the Year: Botanical 
  • 2021 Finalist Asia Eldercare Innovation of the Year: Product
  • 2021 Finalist NutraIngredients Europe Ingredient of the Year: healthy Ageing
  • 2020 Winner LMBA Optus Business Platinum Award

  • 2020 Winner LMBA Australia Pacific LNG Award for Business Innovation
  • 2020 Special Mention, LMBA Urban Utilities Award for Product Innovation
  • 2019 Winner NIE (Nutrition Industry Executive) Award for the most advanced natural branded nutritional ingredient 
  • 2019 Accreditation as an Australian Trusted Trader
  • Our published Urox® Bladder Control research achieved the second highest ranking for most online views on the prestigious BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal for 2018.
  • 2018 Winner NutraIngredients USA Nutrition Research Project of the Year.
  • 2006 US Nutrition Business Journal Award for Formulation Innovation in recognition of opening a new health supplement category of Bladder Control.

We care about your quality of life

Our aim is to help the millions of people globally who are suffering daily from bladder weakness, and to restore the quality of life that everyone deserves.

*Schoendorfer et al, BMC-CAM, January, 2018. Research funded by the Australian Federal Government and Seipel Group. For relief of symptoms of medically diagnosed overactive bladder. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. If Symptoms persist speak to your health professional.