About Urox

 “Incontinence is a hidden problem and I was stunned to find that there are five million sufferers in Australia alone. People are expected to put up with it, rely on incontinence pads and many end up sacrificing their lifestyle and suffering in silence. This inspired me to develop Urox®, a convenient herbal solution.” Tracey Seipel CEO, Seipel Group

Urox® is a proprietary herbal blend formulated by Tracey Seipel, an award-winning product formulator and leading educator in natural urological health. Tracey drew upon on over 30 years of clinical practice, academic research and the best of traditional Ayurvedic, Asian and Western herbal knowledge, to develop Urox®. This patented Australian formula has been shown in clinical research to support a healthy bladder and reduce symptoms of urinary urgency, frequency, and incontinence; as well as improving quality of life.*

Better Quality of Life

90% of participants felt Urox® had improved their quality-of-life. Using Urox® resulted in less embarrassment, frustration, nervousness, concern and worry. People coped better and had better sleep and social interactions. They participated in more physical activities, felt more comfortable travelling with others and had improved relationships with family and friends, as well as their partner or spouse. Results were seen in as little as 2 weeks*


Not all herbal bladder control formulas are equal!

What to look for when you are looking for a herbal bladder control product:

  • Formula research as it outweighs individual ingredient research.
  • Clinical trials, the gold standard is the randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial (RDBPCT). It ensures that changes in the test group result from the treatment rather than occurring by chance.
  • Peer-reviewed publications for added credibility
  • Independent Mechanism of Action research.

Urox® ticks all these boxes! 


We combine our Urox® formula with other prostate-specific ingredients in Prorox®, our specialised product for men, and Urox® Junior is our product to help bedwetting in children.

*Schoendorfer et al, BMC-CAM, January, 2018. Research funded by the Australian Federal government and Seipel Group. For relief of symptoms of medically diagnosed overactive bladder. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.