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Male, 46 Years

“I’ve gone from a 40lb weakling, with a Grandma bladder, to an Arnold Schwarzenegger bladder. Maybe I’m just normal now, but that’s what it feels like to me.”

Using Urox® Bladder Control Helped Peter

  • He saw improvement after 2 weeks on Urox® – 1 capsule, twice daily
  • At 4 weeks he was experiencing periods of up to 6 hours without need to urinate, ‘a lifetime record for Peter’
  • He gained full control after 2 months of use

Peter’s story:

Peter recalls being told as a child that he had a small bladder, which from his recollection, was diagnosed after he had cystometric or medical bladder capacity measurement tests performed.

Peter was not taking any medication for his bladder and was coping by sitting near the toilet at work and in restaurants; reducing his fluid intake, and laying towels and protective covering on his bed at night. At this point, Peter had to empty his bladder every 1½ hours in the day and every 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours overnight, which interfered with his sleep. As well, if Peter consumed large quantities of alcohol (greater than 6 standard drinks), he would experience flooding bedwetting. In anticipation, when drinking alcohol he would lay down more towels on his bed.

Peter’s results on Urox® – Dose: one capsule, twice daily

After two weeks on Urox®, Peter noticed an improvement in day and night frequency. Improvements in his energy throughout the day were linked with a reduction in night frequency. By four weeks Peter was experiencing periods of up to 6 hours in the day without the need for urination, which he said was a ‘lifetime record’ for him. At this stage, Peter was getting up on average, once per night for the toilet.

Peter then went on holiday for 2 weeks where copious daily drinking of alcohol was involved. He expected the bedwetting to recur but was pleased to experience full bladder control overnight for the entire 2 weeks.

After 2 months on Urox®, Peter’s bladder control was in the ‘normal’ classification of 6-8 times daily urination and maximum of one episode of getting up for the toilet overnight. He also had no bedwetting.

In Peter’s words:

I’ve gone from a 40lb weakling, with a grandma bladder, to an Arnold Schwarzenegger bladder. Maybe I’m just normal now, but that’s what it feels like to me. Two weeks after starting, I went to the toilet at 7:20 in the morning, and then I didn’t go again until 1.20pm. That’s 6 hours, which is a lifetime record for me. Before I would always feel like I had to go again in less than 2 hours, and 3 hours was the maximum time I could hold on. Now if I think like going to the toilet I can hold on, which has never happened before. Before holding back was woeful, but now it is great.

Clinical comment:

Peter responded very well to Urox®. Not everyone responds in the same way, but the bladder muscle strengthening effects for Peter meant he gained full control within two months of use. Four years on, Peter continues to use Urox® to maintain his healthy bladder control.

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