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UROX Bladder Control
UROX Bladder Control
UROX Bladder Control
UROX Bladder Control
UROX Bladder Control

Urox® Bladder Control

Proven effective bladder control formula for women, men and children

Patented, clinically researched Urox® is a highly effective herbal formula that strengthens bladder control, with results seen in as little as two weeks*.




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Urox® is a bladder control formula you can rely on! It is scientifically proven with 14 clinical trials by 4 Australian universities, and published in 6 peer-reviewed journals.

Clinical research results include:

  • Effective in 90% of people*
  • 65% reduction in urgency*
  • Halving of night-time trips to the bathroom*
  • 75% of people reduced incontinence pads to 1 or less per day*
  • Benefits reported in 2 weeks (greatest benefits at 8 weeks)*
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Over a million bottles sold worldwide!

Urox® is a game-changer.
It delivers real results*.

This is due to our dedication to research – covering efficacy, safety, mechanism of action and drug interaction – and to our commitment to top quality ingredients, rigorous testing and innovative formulation. In fact

Urox® is so innovative and effective that it has won 7 international awards so far!


Real people, consistent results.

The Continence Foundation of Australia reports over 5 million Australians suffer from weak bladder control or incontinence.

The reviews above are real and publicly available online reviews. We have obfuscated names and photos for privacy reasons.


Get Bladder Fit !

Stress incontinence (loss of urine with physical activity such as coughing or sneezing) and overactive bladder (the strong, sudden urge to empty the bladder) are the two main types of incontinence. Whilst stress incontinence affects many more women, overactive bladder with urgency, frequency and nocturia (nighttime frequency) affects men and women roughly equally.

Urox® is the only herbal formula proven effective for all lower urinary tract symptoms including:

  • Urinary frequency - urinating more than 8 times in 24 hours
  • Urinary urgency - rushing for the toilet
  • Nocturia - getting out of bed at night for the toilet
  • Stress urinary incontinence – leakage when you cough, sneeze, or laugh.
    (Mainly affects women after childbirth or senior women)
  • Urgency urinary incontinence - when you don’t reach the toilet in time

We like to say Urox® gets your bladder fit!


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How does Urox® work?

Urox® is a unique, patented three herb blend of Equisetum arvense (Horsetail); the Ayurvedic extract of Crateva nurvala and the Japanese/Chinese extract of Lindera aggregata. It has a three-fold action. Urox® strengthens your bladder and pelvic floor muscles, supports collagen and connective tissue, and promotes a healthy nerve response in the bladder. Urox® is well tolerated when taken with other medicines.

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

Especially extracted by a method that destroys the thiaminaze-like (vitamin B1-depleting) effect, providing what we believe are superior therapeutic results.


A specialized extract of Crateva nurvala with multiple levels of standardization to ensure consistent quality and effectiveness to support a broad range of urinary health.

Lindera aggregata

A concentrated extract specifically sourced and extracted for Urox® with a traditional history of strong kidney and bladder support.

The next generation in bladder control is here!

There’s no reason to just put up with bladder leakage, take control with Urox®


LUTS and Incontinence

Half of middle-aged men experience Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) including poor or intermittent urine stream; straining to urinate; a sudden powerful urge to urinate or waking up multiple times during the night to go to the toilet.

These symptoms used to be blamed on the prostate but research has shown that half the time they are due to a bladder problem.

  • Prorox® is our dual action formula for men
  • Get a Better Night's Sleep
  • Strengthen Bladder Control
  • Strengthen Flow
  • Support Prostate Health


Leaks and Accidents

Incontinence doesn’t discriminate! Around 40% of new mothers and half of all middle-aged women, which increases to three-quarters of senior women are affected by weak bladder control.

Incontinence, leaks and accidents can affect lifestyle and wellbeing. It might limit your exercise, and impact on socializing and important time with family and friends. If you laugh, cough or sneeze and suddenly have a bladder leak; or are tired of incontinence pads, tired of worrying about making it to the bathroom in time, or of waking up all night to go to the toilet... give Urox® a go!


Up to 50% of elite female athletes participating in high impact sports experience urinary incontinence.

New Mothers

Postpartum incontinence is reported in up to 75% of women with 29% lasting up to four years after delivery.


Bladder weakness increases with age and affects up to three quarters of senior women.


Urinary incontinence and bladder control issues that accompany menopause are among the most impactful symptoms impairing quality of life.

People all over Australia are experiencing the results!

Less leakage and more confidence, freedom and quality of life!


Bladder support for the whole family

Meet the Urox® bladder control family for Women, Men and Children!


A blend of herbs to strengthen and tone the muscles of the bladder wall, pelvic floor and urinary sphincter.



Prorox (for men)

A full dose of Urox® plus botanicals vitamins and minerals that benefit prostate health.



Urox® Junior

Clinically proven Bedwetting** for children aged 6 - 14. Its herbal ingredients are well-tolerated by children.



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